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Is it mandatory to have a Family Zone account at home?

Activation of a Family Zone account isn’t mandatory outside of school hours, but your school has recognised that online risks don’t stop at the school gates, so they are offering you an opportunity to take part and help guide your child’s digital development.

Does Family Zone Premium provide content filtering?

Yes – A Premium account will provide default filtering rules that are deemed age appropriate by a cyber expert. You can change these filter settings to suit your family’s needs, or turn them off altogether.

What information can the school see?

The school has no visibility of any activity outside of school hours. Your Family Zone Premium account is simply there to help you understand how your child uses their device online, so that you’re able to support them in their digital development.

Does Family Zone drain device battery life?

While Family Zone has been tailored to have as little impact on the user as possible, it is still an open app and uses an additional connection. Both of these will cause the battery to drain slightly faster than if they were not present. However, if this drain is regularly noticeable then we will investigate and find what is going wrong.

Does Family Zone slow down the internet?

Family Zone has been installed on the device to filter internet traffic. On occasion this requires an additional step in retrieving access permissions before loading a site (it is doing its job to ensure the site is safe for your kids!). However, the delay should be minimal and almost not noticeable. If you’re experiencing a noticeable lag, please let our support team know and they will work to minimise this to a more reasonable level.

Is Family Zone spyware?

Family Zone does not have the ability to look at information being transferred in messages, images or videos. All we look at is the web address of the traffic. Our system then decides what category this traffic comes under and whether this is allowed for the user of the device at the time.

What data does Family Zone keep?

Family Zone is an ASX listed company which means we are governed by very strict rules and regulations around privacy and data. To read more about data and Family Zone visit

Does Family Zone stop my child from being able to call me?

Family Zone does not interfere with or control a phone’s ability to make or receive phone calls or text messages.

Can Family Zone assist with Gaming Consoles or Smart TVs?

Yes. Family Zone can protect all devices on the home network. If it connects to your home WiFi, the Family Zone Box lets you manage it. Create settings that work for your family. Keep your children safe and responsible online - and retain unfiltered WiFi for adults.

What if my child is home sick from school?

As normal, let the school know if your child is home sick from school. Your child will be placed in a “rest day” and come under your care for their internet use.  Alternatively, if you already have a Family Zone account you can change to a  “rest day” yourself. Click here to see how.

What if I’ve forgotten my account details?

If you can’t remember your password go to the Family Zone online account login page, click on the forgot password link and follow the reset password process.

My children share a device, how does this work with Family Zone?

Family Zone allows you to share family devices between family members. Device “borrows” can be easily requested on any device connected to the Family Zone WiFi. Or, set up PINs for your family to allow them to borrow any device for an hour.